Paris is still Paris

“Paris is not Paris any more”. This was a recent comment of the new US President transmitted by the media.

Ask the Parisians and the millions of tourists, from all over the world, who come every year to visit our capital and they will tell you that “Paris is still Paris”, a wonderful city, full of magnificent monuments, with a long and rich history, a lively cultural center with a cosmopolitan population.

Cruising the Seine river, the main “avenue” of the city, visiting some of the world famous museums, walking leisurely through the different districts with their special atmosphere, just sitting at the terrace of a “cafe”, watching people go by, enjoying the french gastronomy, this is all available to our visitors and they usually leave with wonderful memories to share with their family and friends back home.

We cannot ignore that we live in a dangerous world, with the threat of terrorist attacks, which can take place anywhere, anytime. Paris was hit, but was not the only one. The Parisians reacted by keeping their lifestyle the way it always was, while the security measures were reinforced. This is the best response to these attacks.
Don’t be afraid to come to Paris and France. Don’t deprive yourself of a memorable experience.

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