Election week in France

Sunday June 18 th is our last day to vote for the members of our National Assembly, after 8 long months of different elections which showed a strong desire, from a majority of electors, to change our society, or, at least , to make it evolve. The result was the choice of a young president, who was unknown of the public 2 years ago. For the moment, there is a certain “state of grace” , joy in the air, and you can feel it when you talk to people in the street. The sun is shining until late at night, there are lot of events to make people get together and enjoy themselves and the ” caf├ęs”, with terraces, are full. It’s summer in Paris and the banks of the Seine river, now closed to the traffic, are welcoming people who sun bath on the lawns or walk along the river, enjoying the historical monuments on both sides.

Lots of tourists, from all over the world, have come back to Paris and are enjoying all the pleasures the city of lights has to offer. But there are many other places, wonderful ones to visit. Of course, Versailles is a must, but also Giverny, Normandy and Champagne for instance. They are not far from Paris and Paris Cultural offers one day private excursions which you will never forget. We are ready to welcome you and make your stay a memorable one.

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