Japanese Impressionism in Giverny

The gardens in Giverny, which Claude Monet loved so much and were part of his inspiration, are again opened to the public after a long winter rest!
I guided a very nice British family for an enjoyable visit of the house and the gardens of Claude Monet last week-end and we were blessed with a beautiful sunshine, which transformed the gardens in a festival of colors. In every corner, we could admire different kinds of flowers contrasting with the soft green of the trees and bushes. The water lilies were not yet blooming but we could use our imagination and the memory of Monet’s famous painting.

The museum of the Impressionisms nearby always offers very interesting exhibitions.
From March 30th to July 15th 2018, “Japanese Impressionism” is particularly recommended because it was one of the passions of Claude Monet. He started a collection of Japanese prints very early in his life and the walls of his house are covered with them.

For a quick and affordable lunch, the museum also houses a restaurant with a nice view of the garden. It’s definitely a beautiful and interesting excursion not too far from Paris.

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