The Père Lachaise cemetery

Visiting a cemetery might not be on of the first ideas which comes to your mind when you plan to tour Paris, but the Père Lachaise cemetery , located in the 20 th district of Paris, is unique. It’s not only one of the largest and oldest cemetery of the capital, designed by the famous neo-classical architect Alexandre Brongniart in 1803, but also the largest park inside Paris with more than 43 hectares planted with 5300 trees.

It’s also open-air museum. Famous architects and sculptors of the 19th century designed and decorated the impressive funerary monuments you will discover while walking along the picturesque alleys, searching for the 85 famous people who are buried in the cemetery, writers, painters, musicians, politicians, businessmen from its opening to nowadays. 3 millions and a half visitors come every year to look for the tomb of Chopin, Moliere, Balzac, Oscar Wilde or more recently Jim Morrison.

A map with the location of all these tombs is free for you to take at the conservation building, near the main gate. It’s strongly recommended to get one if you don’t want to get lost or waste too much time.

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