The exhibition Monet-Auburtin in Giverny

After a winter rest, the gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny are open again to the public. Spring is the best time to admire the diversity and the colours of the flowers Claude Monet loved so much. He would set his easel in the gardens at different times of the day to catch the changes of light on the flowerbeds.

To celebrate the 10 th anniversary of its opening, the museum of the Impressionists is organizing a very interesting exhibition which will last until July. It offers a confrontation between Claude Monet, the leader of the Impressionists and Jean-Francis Auburtin, who was forgotten after his
death in 1930. 26 years younger than Monet, he was a decorator working for different french institutions such as the Sorbonne University or the State Council, but he also loved to paint on his easel and was a fervent admirer of Claude Monet from whom he got his inspiration.

Even if they did not actually meet, they shared the same love for painting landscapes , especially the coasts of Normandy, Brittany and the French Riviera. They visited the same areas and their paintings reflect their interest for the beauties of nature, the changes of light and how they had an effect on the colours and shapes of the sea, the sky and the vegetation.

Just as Monet he was also a fan of japanism. But if Auburtin was inspired by Monet and sometimes painted the same landscapes, he never copied him. When Monet was fascinated by the movements of the sea and focused on them, Auburtin was more interested by the roughness of the rocks along the coast.
The exhibition is meant to show the similarities of inspiration between the two painters but also the differences of sensitivity between them when it came to reproduce what they were contemplating.

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