The 75 th anniversary of the Allied Forces landing on the beaches ofNormandy

We just celebrated yesterday, on May 8th, the end of WWII with a cease-fire signed first in Reims on May 7 th by the allied delegations and the german one and then a second time, on May 8 th at the request of Staline who argued that the destruction of Berlin by the russian troops was the main cause of the german defeat and therefore it should be signed there. Indeed it as signed around midgnight on the 8 th but because of the time difference it was already the 9 th in Russia and this is why the Russians celebrate the end of the war on the 9 th instead of the 8th.

But this year we will have another important celebration attended by all the heads of state of the allied forces during WWII. It will commemorate the landing of mainly the american and british forces but also some contingents of french and canadian soldiers on June 6th 1944 on several beaches of Normandy which still have their code names. They had to land under the fire of the german army which had built the famous “atlantic wall” made of hundreds of “bunkers” all along the french west coast. Lots of young people lost their life, so far from their home, to save France from the german occupation and put an end to this terrible war in Europe. We will always be grateful to them.

Paris-Cultural proposes a very moving private excursion to the different landing beaches, museums and the american cemetery of Colleville, over the beach of Omaha, called the bloody beach because of all the soldiers who died there.
It will allow you to realize what a terrible experience it must have been to climb the cliffs under the fire of the german soldiers in their bunkers when you walk through bomb craters at the “Pointe du Hoc”. But as we drive through the beautiful landscapes of Normandy, you will also learn more about its very long and rich history.

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