The charming castle of Vaux le Vicomte

Every tourist who comes to Paris thinks that it’s a must to visit the Palace of Versailles and it is true. It’s wonderful example of the french classical art and its majesty and luxury are awesome. This is what my last client as well as the others felt and they were not the only ones. There are long lines of people waiting for hours to visit the palace and the rooms inside are usually very crowded, except when you can have a special visit.

There is another castle, only an hour drive away from Paris, which was built, a little time before Versailles, by the intendant of Finances of Louis XIV. The king was impressed by the work of the architect Le Vau, the painter Le Brun and the garden designer Le Notre. They are the ones he chose to build his palace of Versailles.

The castle of Vaux le Vicomte went through a lot of problems after Nicolas Fouquet was put in jail by Louis XIV, but survived and is now a private property open to the visitors. It’s not a museum and it really feels like a home, a luxury one of course, with precious furniture and decoration but with a real atmosphere of intimacy, reinforced by the fact that there are not crowds of visitors. You can walk at your leisure through the rooms and the beautiful park.

There is also an interesting display of carriages dating from the 19 th century and a restaurant where you can have a good meal while enjoying the serenity of this place.

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