December in Paris

December might not be the sunniest month of the year in Paris, but there are many ways to escape the rain and fill your brain with beauty.

There are lots of museums in Paris which offer interesting exhibitions. Some of them are very famous and visited by thousands of tourists, like the Louvre or Orsay, but there is one much smaller, not as well known and more intimate museum I recommend, the museum of Luxembourg. It’s located on the left bank of Paris, near the famous “Quartier Latin” and “Quartier St Germain” where you can find the most prestigious universities and high schools.

Right now the museum of Luxembourg proposes a very stunning exhibition called the Golden Age of English painting, from Reynolds to Turner, with master pieces which usually never leave the Tate Gallery.

After enjoying this visit, why not take a walk in one of the largest parks in the center of Paris, the “Parc du Luxembourg” which is nearby and where you can admire the palace of Queen Mary of Medicis which now houses the French Senate. There are beautiful sculptures of the different queens of France.

If you feel a little hungry, there are lots of good restaurants and nice bistros. One of them, called “Au Petit Suisse” is one of the oldest of Paris, built in 1791, rue de Vaugirard where the barracks of the Guards of the queen used to be. The decoration is typically old-fashioned and the food is very good and representative of the French traditional gastronomy.

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