Springtime in Paris and Around

After quite a tumultuous winter due to many protest and strikes and lately 3 violent storms, spring is almost here with all its pleasing perspectives. The days are getting longer and nights shorter and we can expect the sun to be shining more often. This is when walking in Paris, visiting the different historical districts and taking the time to sit at a terrace to enjoy a drink become again a real pleasure.

Due to the coronavirus, the transports between China and France have stopped and the Chinese tourists are not coming anymore. This is not good for the french tourism industry, but the advantage for the tourists coming from other countries is that the lines to enter the museums like the Louvre or the castles like Versailles are much shorter and it’s less crowded inside.

At the end of march, one of the favorite excursions of our clients to Paris, The House and Gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny, will be possible again. After their rest during the winter, the gardens will offer again a wonderful vision of blooming flowers of all colors, which you will never forget.
This is also a good time to go to the WWII landing beaches and discover on the way the beautiful landscape of Normandy, with its green fields, hills, forests and picturesque villages.

It’s always a pleasure for me to share what I know of the french history, culture and way of life with people coming from other countries and I am looking forward to welcome you in Paris.

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