The New Athens, the romantic district of Paris

  • Walking tour

  • 2hours and a half

  • From 2 to 6 Persons

  • Trinity church

About this Tour

You will follow an itinerary which will allow you to see the main points of interest, starting by the 2 churches located at the bottom of the hill, Notre Dame de Lorette (1823-1836), with a baroque architecture, and the Trinity church, in the Renaissance style, where the famous musician Olivier Messaien played the organ .

Nearby, you will visit the "Orleans square", named after King Louis Philippe, where George Sand, the writer, and Frederic Chopin, the musician, who were lovers, had their separate apartments. Alexandre Dumas, the author of "the 3 Musketeers", also lived there and the famous painter Delacroix decorated his apartment; Going up the hill, you will stop at the St Georges square to admire the mansion of the courtesan La Paiva, built in 1840 in the neo-classical style.

You will then take the Notre Dame de Lorette street. The name "lorette" was given to the women selling their charms to rich protectors, at a time when most marriages in the high society were arranged for financial purposes.

Next, on rue de La Rochefoucauld, you will have a look at the house of Victor Hugo, the great author and poet. Many famous actors and actresses had their home in the street Tour des Dames, Miss Mars, Miss Duchesnois, Mr Talma.

The visit of the New Athens will end with the visit of 2 interesting museums, which were the private houses of 2 painters. The first one belonged to Gustave Moreau, who was a symbolist and had his studio and his private apartment under the same roof. The second one belonged to a painter from the Netherlands, Ary Scheffer, who was related to Ernest Renan, a french writer. They received in this house all their romantic friends and artists: George Sand, Lamartine, Chopin, Liszt; Ingres and Delacroix.

Before Montmartre, before Montparnasse, the "New Athens" was the home of the most distinguished artist of the romantic time.

It is now said that it's the little St Germain des Pres of the right bank.

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Where we’ll be

What we’ll do

  • Church Notre Dame de Lorette
  • Church Trinity
  • Orleans square
  • St Georges square
  • Gustave Moreau museum
  • Romantic life museum


  • Meeting point: Trinity church
  • Not included: Entrance ticket to museum, Food and drink